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Nona Foster grew up in Brule, Alberta, a small community near Jasper National Park. She has had an exceptional life as an outfitter’s daughter and a park warder’s wife. She has lived in National Parks across Western Canada including Jasper, AB., Riding Mountain, MB., and Grasslands, SK. She now resides in Stavely, AB.

Her business developed in 1991 and has expanded as she continues to produce a number of limited edition prints each year. All prints are on acid-free paper. Nona’s art is distributed worldwide, as she has showing at some of the largest art shows in Western Canada. Nona is self-taught, no formal art education; her unique and evocative art is created form her heart.

Nona’s subjects are varied, due to the different locations she has lived and experienced, the people she has met and was inspired and passionate to create from these experiences. Her art portrays a variety of subjects including western, native and wildlife images. During her research she has kept in mind the preservation of Canada’s wildlife, our National Parks and the beautiful untouched back country. Nona’s native ancestry (Cree and Cherokee) give her inspiration and vision to create and become a part of her art.

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Design 1
Title: The Metis of the Plains
Location: Saamis Tepee, Medicine Hat, Alberta Canada
Design 2
Title: Circle of Unity – Multiculturalism
Location: Saamis Tepee, Medicine Hat, Alberta Canada
Design 3
Title: Plains Cree Way of Life
Location: Saamis Tepee, Medicine Hat, Alberta Canada

Album Covers created by Nona

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Horseback Adventures
Horseback Adventures Ltd. – Brule, AB

Laura Vinson & Free Spirit

Saamis Tepee – Medicine Hat, AB